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The Most Professional Graphene Manufacturer

About Graphene

Graphene consists of a single layer of carbon atoms bonded in a hexagonal structure, which can be considered a single layer of graphite, and the basic unit of carbon materials.

• Electronic properties
– Superb electrical conductivity (10   Ω·cm)

– Semi-metal/zero-gap semiconductor

– High electron mobility (over 15000cm /V·s in room temp)

• Mechanical properties
– One of the strongest material

– Ultimate tensile strength is 130GPa (0.4 GPa-Steel)
– Highly dense structure​



About Our Company

Topsen Technology is the largest and most accomplished manufacturer of graphene raw material and graphene epoxy resin in the world. Our goal is to create a higher-performance and more environmentally friendly coating system.

Since 2011, We have developed several lines for massive production of graphene and its downstream products. We are the first in the world to produce and commercialize affordable graphene products and continue making progress, especially in the development of graphene epoxy resins for anti-corrosion coating systems.

Our Responsibility

During the process of zinc mining, a large amount of lead, zinc, and cadmium have been released into the environment. High level of these metals has impacted water, soils, vegetables, and crops, causing harm to human health. The effects include high lead blood levels in children, arthralgia, osteomalacia, and excessive cadmium in urine.

Also, in the application of zinc-rich coating products, an excessive amount of zinc dust and zinc oxide is released during painting, welding and cutting, threatening the health of workers. 

It is Topsen's responsibility to reduce the usage of zinc by introducing our eco-friendly and cost-efficient coating solutions. We are making efforts to get more organizations and individuals involved in the change. 

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