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Graxy 500 Series

Graxy 500 Series Graphene Epoxy Resin

Graxy 500 is an intermediate to produce graphene zinc heavy-duty anti-corrosion primers. With our in-situ polymerization technology, it retains the phenomenal characteristics and performance of graphene, while it is designed for easier transportation and application.

Product Details


Graphene zinc anti-corrosion primer:

Graphene zinc anti-corrosion primer is used in severe offshore and coastal topside environments. It is a high-performance, environmentally friendly and highly compatible primer. 


Graphene Zinc Anti-Corrosion Primer is a substitute to zinc-rich anti-corrosion Primer. It is a solvent-based primer designed to protect steel in severe offshore and coastal topside environments. 


Graxy for better results:

Our Graxy 500 series solid graphene epoxy resin provides an easy way to produce graphene-zinc epoxy primers. 

For manufacturers, there’s almost no change in the manufacturing process compared to the traditional zinc-rich epoxy primer.

New! With our new integration technology, no more dispersing agent needed.



- Salt spray test (per ISO 9227) of 2500+ hours showing no signs of rust

- 2/3 less zinc used: reducing material and energy consumption; preventing the generation of zinc oxide fog 

- Adhesion of 22MPa, comparing to traditional products’ 6MPa

- Excellent compatibility with various coating systems

- Low VOC


Technical Data Sheet: Graxy 501: pdf Graxy 502: pdf Graxy 503: pdf

Safety Data Sheet: Inquire



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